Positive Vibes

I just realized that there are tons of things that make me happy. Well, actually, it’s our choice to be happy. We may be presented with people, things or events that could bring happiness to us but if we wouldn’t look at it as such, happiness would elude us. I guess it’s all a matter of having positive attitude and spreading positive vibes.

For my own interest and satisfaction, allow me to share the following things that make me happy at present:

1. a loving husband
2. a caring family and an equally caring in-laws
3. a problem and trouble-free job
4. reading books
5. chatting with friends on FB
6. sharing photos and interacting with friends on Instagram
7. eating healthy
8. going to the gym with friends who value health and fitness as much (or sometimes as little, haha) as I do
9. blog hopping
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Life is a game of choice.

Everyday, there are choices we need to make, choices that are either favorable or unfavorable, meaningful or useless. When we make a choice, we consider different factors, factors that influence the choices we make in one way or another.

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To be happy is a choice. It’s something that we can do, something that we are encouraged to be. We can either bear the suffering or end it. We can either move on and face tomorrow or get left behind suffering from the wounds of the past. In the end, it’s all about making a choice, no matter what consequences we are in and no matter what limited choices we are given with.

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