Positive Vibes

I just realized that there are tons of things that make me happy. Well, actually, it’s our choice to be happy. We may be presented with people, things or events that could bring happiness to us but if we wouldn’t look at it as such, happiness would elude us. I guess it’s all a matter of having positive attitude and spreading positive vibes.

For my own interest and satisfaction, allow me to share the following things that make me happy at present:

1. a loving husband
2. a caring family and an equally caring in-laws
3. a problem and trouble-free job
4. reading books
5. chatting with friends on FB
6. sharing photos and interacting with friends on Instagram
7. eating healthy
8. going to the gym with friends who value health and fitness as much (or sometimes as little, haha) as I do
9. blog hopping

10. surfing the net to learn more stuff
11. experimenting in the kitchen
12. going home in Bacoor
13. sleeping
14. making sandwiches in the morning for my and the hubby’s baon to work
15. tinkering with my phone and Casey, our new iPad Mini
16. teasing my mom and siblings thru SMS, iMessage or phone
17. joking around with my officemates during free time
18. hearing good news
19. playing games on my phone
20. enjoying a fast WiFi wherever I am
21. going to the mall to pay bills
22. taking a nice bath
23. dressing up and playing with accessories
24. looking at my watch to check time
25. eating sugar-free candies
26. drinking water
27. visiting our little angel at the church
28. praying
29. spending time with the hubby, hugging and kissing him
30. waking up in the morning
31. discovering a new restaurant
32. eating my favorite food
33. shopping (clothes, groceries, etc.)
34. going somewhere and taking pictures of the surroundings
35. walking home from work
36. looking at myself in the mirror
37. smiling for no reason and laughing at the small stuff

…and a lot more. It could be shallow to others, but these things really make me happy and content with my life. I know I still lack a lot of things, but I guess that’s what dreams are made of. If you have enough, then there’d be no reason for you to dream or work to achieve a certain goal. Life is short, friends. Learn to appreciate every little thing you have and you’d be surprised at how wonderful your life is.

P.S. Thank God it’s Friday. It means another week has passed and the weekend is near! 🙂

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