Positive Vibes

I just realized that there are tons of things that make me happy. Well, actually, it’s our choice to be happy. We may be presented with people, things or events that could bring happiness to us but if we wouldn’t look at it as such, happiness would elude us. I guess it’s all a matter of having positive attitude and spreading positive vibes.

For my own interest and satisfaction, allow me to share the following things that make me happy at present:

1. a loving husband
2. a caring family and an equally caring in-laws
3. a problem and trouble-free job
4. reading books
5. chatting with friends on FB
6. sharing photos and interacting with friends on Instagram
7. eating healthy
8. going to the gym with friends who value health and fitness as much (or sometimes as little, haha) as I do
9. blog hopping
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How I Deal with Rudeness

Rudeness is everywhere. If you ignore it, it grows and multiplies. If you confront it, it either stops or dies a natural death. I don’t know with you, but I deal with rudeness quite differently. Sometimes I ignore it, sometimes I face it head-on. It must be because I’m the type of girl who chooses her battles wisely.

Why try earning the respect of someone who does not know how to respect himself? Why bother yourself to call the attention of someone who does not know what he’s doing or is simply insensitive of other people’s feelings? If my credibility is being destroyed, my dignity attacked and my reputation put on the line, I fight back and do my best to take the enemy down. I do the same when I am deprived of my rights or when my family is dragged into the issue.

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