Weekend Story: Edwin’s 40th Birthday Celebration

Last weekend was meaningful and fun. The hubby turned 40 last Saturday and we celebrated it the best way we could. The celebrant wanted to go swimming courtesy of the condo’s swimming pools and so we did. We just brought in some food which we partook of picnic style inside our unit.

On Sunday, we went to Festival Mall in Alabang to buy maintenance meds for my PILs (which they will take to Bohol with them this week) and had a post-birthday dinner for the hubby at Via Mare.

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Investing in Education for a Better Future

Last May, the hubby finally enrolled in graduate school. He’s currently in his first semester taking up Master of Technology (MT) at a state university here in Manila. It was a decision he had been considering for a long time but didn’t make immediately because he still had to prepare himself. When he became fully prepared, both financially and emotionally, he finally did it. And I was so glad he did. He has my full support on this one!

Actually, he needs continuing education to get the promotion he’s long been wanting to get. He already has the approval of the boss, the only thing that keeps him away from it is a master’s degree which is one of the qualifications required for the higher position he’s been eyeing.

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No Handy Man

The hubby is no handy man. He doesn’t know how to fix a leaking faucet, repair a broken chair, re-paint a room and the likes. I think he won’t be a handy man in the coming years. Or perhaps not in this lifetime. Haha. But I love him still.

I can rely on the hubby when it comes to electronic gadgets and some household chores but not when it comes to “fix-up tasks” at home. But the things he can’t do, his father definitely can. (I wonder why he didn’t inherit his father’s skills!) Ooops, speaking of my FIL, I think the maintenance tools and supplies at www.reidsupply.com are a great gift for his birthday next year.

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