Investing in Education for a Better Future

Last May, the hubby finally enrolled in graduate school. He’s currently in his first semester taking up Master of Technology (MT) at a state university here in Manila. It was a decision he had been considering for a long time but didn’t make immediately because he still had to prepare himself. When he became fully prepared, both financially and emotionally, he finally did it. And I was so glad he did. He has my full support on this one!

Actually, he needs continuing education to get the promotion he’s long been wanting to get. He already has the approval of the boss, the only thing that keeps him away from it is a master’s degree which is one of the qualifications required for the higher position he’s been eyeing.

Knowing my husband, when he wants something, he stops at nothing to get it. I remember he once wanted to have his own house and he was able to buy one with his hard work and perseverance. And when he dreamed of having his own car, he realized it soon enough. Which makes me think, if Carmudi was already up then, he would have looked up the site and searched for his ideal car there. I heard you can find all sorts of cars there, both second-hand and brand new. But I digress.

That’s why I’m confident that the hubby will make it to graduation when the right time comes. He only has to set his eyes on it. I also believe that investing in education is a must if you want to have a better future, especially today when we’re living in a highly competitive world. Just saying.

As for me, I also have plans to study again but maybe after he has finished his master’s. We just can’t afford to send both of us to graduate school at this time. 🙂

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  1. Way to go hubby! 🙂 I have always wanted to specialize in child psychology but that has never materialized. Time, money, just not feasible as of the moment. Here’s to hoping! 🙂

    1. Thank you sis! It’s never too late. We can always pursue higher education when the timing is right. 🙂

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