Stock Market Journey: My First 6-Digit Gains

On January 28, 2019, my total locked-in profits in the stock market has reached the 6-digit mark. The exact amount, for my own documentation, is PhP100,327.77. Please note that I have been a direct investor since July 2014 and my total stock market investment is under 500K. I have also been recording my gains consistently from the moment I made my first selling transaction in August 2014 and received my first dividend payout, also in the same period. I’m so happy!

Let me tell you, though, that a portion from these gains is on the losing side at present. But hey, those aren’t considered losses until I sell them (which I won’t do!). I’m just glad the market is starting to get strong again, or at least a lot of my positions are.

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Lessons on Stock Market Investing, Vol. IV

Today marks my second year of investing directly in the Philippine stock market through COL Financial. So far, everything’s okay. I have a number of paper losses but my profit way exceeds its amount so technically, I’m just losing a part of it, not my capital. Also, as long as I don’t sell the losing stock positions, the paper losses will just be imaginary.

Here are more lessons I feel compelled to share with you as I continue on this exciting financial journey:

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Investing on Real Estate

Last weekend was quite bitin but still fun. We went home Friday night and left for Manila Sunday evening instead of the usual Monday morning. We just slept and ate and cuddled and the cycle just repeated itself. On Sunday afternoon, we attended the house blessing of our friend at a high-rise condominium in Makati.

These days, investing in real estate is popular whether it’s a town house, a single-detached house and lot or a condominium unit. That friend of ours, who works as an engineer in Japan, plans to have his two-unit condo rented to augment his monthly mortgage payment. Good idea, isn’t it?

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