Stock Market Journey: My First 6-Digit Gains

On January 28, 2019, my total locked-in profits in the stock market has reached the 6-digit mark. The exact amount, for my own documentation, is PhP100,327.77. Please note that I have been a direct investor since July 2014 and my total stock market investment is under 500K. I have also been recording my gains consistently from the moment I made my first selling transaction in August 2014 and received my first dividend payout, also in the same period. I’m so happy!

Let me tell you, though, that a portion from these gains is on the losing side at present. But hey, those aren’t considered losses until I sell them (which I won’t do!). I’m just glad the market is starting to get strong again, or at least a lot of my positions are.

I am writing about this little milestone because I want to prove to people that one can earn from the stock market through a combination of patience, luck, strategy, and lots of prayers. I can never claim that I’m good at buying and selling stocks but this achievement is something I am truly proud of. It was a product of my hard work (special mention to my dearest husband for the financial and emotional support!) and so it feels great to have experience it.

Now, the goal is clear: to my first million gains in the Philippine stock market! It’s definitely a tough challenge, but one I am very optimistic about. But first, I have to save up more money to add to my small capital. Kasi hindi naman ako kikita ng milyon kung hindi ako magdadagdag ng puhunan dyan, hahaha. Ehem, calling on the hubby for his additional shares… 😛

To more winnings in the stock market! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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14 Replies to “Stock Market Journey: My First 6-Digit Gains”

      1. Yes po, Ms. Edel:) Thank you po
        Nagstart po ako nung 2015, slowly building my portfolio po since then. Hindi ko lang po natatrack kung magkano na gains ko from my investment. Dahil po dyan, try ko din po balikan at try ko iaccount hahaha

      1. Paper gain na ulit ng konti sa uitf kasi nagsubscribe ako nung bumagsak ang psei last year. Pero dahil sa post mo, sinilip ko ulit stock investment ko and bought some shares. 37 percent gain sa jfc but my investment is too small so i did not bother selling. Hehe. Imomonitor ko na talaga.

  1. Yipee! Congratulations. 🙂

    We’ve been holding off investing in the stock market for years because my husband and I wanted to focus on paying for our amortizations and building our emergency fund. Our car loan is ending in a couple of months, so learning the stock market is plotted in our 2019 goals. Magpapaturo ako sayo, sis! Hahaha! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Je! Sure. Buy low, sell high lang at maraming patience dapat. Yan ang lagi kong tinatandaan sa stock market investing, hehehe. 🙂

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