Weekend Story: Gardening with the Mabalays

Last weekend was quiet and chill. I started Saturday by giving Jasper (the friendly dog) a bath. (He gets a bath every Saturday morning, provided I got enough sleep the night before, hehe.) Mame and I went to the palengke right after. We would then go to church, along with the hubby and my SIL Albie, in the afternoon to hear the anticipated mass.

On Sunday, the hubby and I drove my sister Jodie to her dorm. She opted for this arrangement because she hasn’t adjusted to the Bacoor-Manila-Bacoor commuting situation yet. We were also with Mame and my SIL. Mame wanted to take a look at her youngest child’s dorm kasi. Si SIL naman, nagkaroon ng stroke scare kaya sugod sila ni hubby sa St. Luke’s QC! Buti na lang, false alarm pala. Apparently, it was just a frozen shoulder (thank God!). We would then go back to Bacoor in the afternoon without Jodie but with my brother Dan because I asked him to buy some plant pots in Divisoria for our gardening session later.

Here are a few photos from our weekend:

late lunch with these two

gardening with Mame (and Daddy who helped us fill the plant pots with soil!)

Mame’s tiny garden has flowering plants, herbs, succulents, and cacti (not in photo, on the other corner, were her snake plants and areca plants)

Gardening is therapeutic. I may not have a green thumb (saktong nakakabuhay lang!) but I sure enjoy the activity very much. Mame, Daddy, and my brother Dan, on the other hand, are like plant whisperers! Easy peasy lang sa kanila ang magtanim at magpalago ng mga halaman. Kaya more on support lang ako sa kanila madalas, hahaha. I’m glad Mame is happy taking care of her plants. I’ll post more pics of her tiny garden next time, hehe.

Have a peaceful and stress-free week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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2 Replies to “Weekend Story: Gardening with the Mabalays”

  1. Gardening is really therapeutic! I’ve been building our home garden for years. Hit or miss lang ako kasi may mga times na namamatayan din ako, lalong lalo na ang basil. Hihi. Nakakatuwa ang setup ng garden niyo! 🙂

    1. Nakikita ko nga sa IG mo, may mga veggies kang tanim! Yung basil need ata na nakatapat sa araw lagi, hehe. 🙂

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