Lessons on Stock Market Investing, Vol. III

One year ago today, I opened an account with COL Financial and never looked back. I put money into my account whenever possible. It wasn’t on a regular basis, but I made sure to reach a certain amount before I celebrate my first year as a direct stock market investor. What do you know, I did it!

Somehow, I feel quite accomplished and empowered knowing that I have started taking the journey to financial freedom. I am still far from it, perhaps several years far, but my inner self tells me I’ll get there one day. And so I continue to believe in and work to realize my goal.

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No to Mindless Spending

Aside from cutting back on my expenses to save more money, I took on the challenge of a shopping fast because I wanted to say no to mindless spending. I can be the worst impulsive shopper if I want to, you know. But I realized it would just lead me to nowhere in my journey to financial freedom, so I decided to stop.

We all have an imaginary (sometimes physical) list of things we want to acquire or have. It could be a designer bag, a set of expensive jewelry, a piece of modern furniture, a hi-tech gadget, or a trendy home appliance. Mindless spending, or in this case, shopping, happens when we suddenly come face to face with a particular item in our so-called “list.” Normally, such item is hard to come by that when we chance upon it, the tendency is we buy it right away without second thoughts for fear that such an opportunity won’t present itself again. It’s like a moment of destiny when the universe conspires to make things happen for us. I’m telling you, I’ve experienced it a lot of times and the impulsive shopper in me always won.

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