Long Saturday

Yesterday being a Saturday was work-free for me, just like for the majority of government employees here in the Philippines. But just because it was work-free doesn’t mean it was gonna be laidback or boring. I actually had a long day. And so was the hubby.

After lunch at home, we attended the joint birthday celebration of our friends Mac and Ella’s two adorable children at West Avenue in QC. The theme was basketball and there was a minion mascot. There were food booths serving sweet and tasty treats to the delight of children and adults alike. The merienda/early dinner food from the buffet was great and the children had a happy time with the hilarious host who doubled as a fantastic yoyo master. I have to give credit to the parents for pulling off such a fab and fun party. (Thanks again for inviting us, guys!) We left the party at past 6pm and drove home to Bacoor.

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Kiddie parties are fun and meaningful.

I’ve always enjoyed attending kiddie parties, may it be held in a posh restaurant, a fast food store, a club house or even just at home. I actually dream of hosting a birthday party for my future kid. If I could have it my way, I want it to be a DIY kind of party, with beautiful things scattered all over the place. Oh well, that’s just the creative and fun-loving momma in me.

Kiddie parties are fun. The program, the parlor games, the birthday wishes, the blowing of candles on the birthday cake, the singing of the universal Happy Birthday song to the celebrant, everything about a kiddie party spells of fun and happy moments that last a lifetime. I can’t wait for the time that I’ll be sharing this wonderful experience with my future kid.

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