More Good Vibes = More Blessings

I was having a conversation with my officemate the other day and suddenly she brought up the topic of good vibes and how they seem to attract blessings. I couldn’t agree more. We went on to sharing personal experiences on how good vibes have helped us gravitate towards blessings, one after another.

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Good vibes start with good thoughts. Having good vibes promotes positivity and lightness. Have you noticed when people who have a good emotional state or exude a positive aura are together, the atmosphere around them seems to be brighter and they tend to be more productive and inspired in what they do, both individually and collectively?

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Mistakes are a part of life.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes in the past, and I continue to make them until the present time. Do I feel bad about it? No, because mistakes are as much a part of life as the air I breathe, the food I eat and the people I meet. That rhymes, huh! Haha.

The good thing about mistakes is that we could learn from them. Each mistake leaves a lesson that could last us a lifetime. Each mistake makes us a stronger or better version of ourselves. Each mistake leads us to new discoveries about things and our perspectives in life.

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A Well-Spent Day

Don’t you wish all your days are well-spent? If that is the case, then maybe there are more reasons to be happy about. A well-spent day for me is one where I am not only productive but also doing meaningful things for myself and for the people I love. Or just a plain day spent doing crazy things with the people dearest to me.

Busy or not, the day should be well-spent in such a way that the overall experience becomes so enriching and unforgettable at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s not every day that we get to experience a well-spent day. There are days that are forgettable and there are days that are regrettable. When our attitude becomes sour or goes downhill, or the circumstances surrounding our day become uncontrollable or go for the worse, we are left with very limited options to make our day right.

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Farewell, Tita Lourdes!

During my college years, I experienced living with relatives to save on resources and eventually, out of necessity. You see, I grew up in the province and my family didn’t have a house in Manila where the university was. I survived college with the help, both emotionally and financially, of relatives. One of them is my uncle Roy who is my dad’s younger brother.

Tito Roy used to live in Bacoor, Cavite with her wife Lourdes. They had a bakery then. I spent my freshman and sophomore days under their roof. In exchange for their kindness to accommodate me in their house, I helped in their bakery every weekday after school and during weekends when I had no classes.

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