More Good Vibes = More Blessings

I was having a conversation with my officemate the other day and suddenly she brought up the topic of good vibes and how they seem to attract blessings. I couldn’t agree more. We went on to sharing personal experiences on how good vibes have helped us gravitate towards blessings, one after another.

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Good vibes start with good thoughts. Having good vibes promotes positivity and lightness. Have you noticed when people who have a good emotional state or exude a positive aura are together, the atmosphere around them seems to be brighter and they tend to be more productive and inspired in what they do, both individually and collectively?

These days, I try to shy away from people who give off bad vibes. Those who are unkind, hateful, or just plain rude. There’s no perfect life and we all experience ups and downs. We, however, can always choose to be positive, open-minded, patient, and strong. We can eventually rise above the challenges. This too shall pass, as they say.

Personally, I can attest to the fact that good vibes attract blessings. I’ve been very blessed this year and one of the factors where I can attribute it to is my having a positive outlook in life. I still get worried about things sometimes but it was far from before where I was a total pessimist. I’m telling you, it truly has made a big difference in my life!

I, therefore, conclude that good vibes attract blessings. And that more good vibes equate to more blessings in the long run.

What do you think, friends? 🙂

P.S. For us girls, radiating good vibes enhance our beauty and confidence. People notice it instantly. Sabi nga ng kapitbahay namin dati sa probinsya sa anak nyang dalaga na nakasimangot, “tigilan mo yan pumapanget ka na!” Funny but true.

May you choose happiness always,
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10 Replies to “More Good Vibes = More Blessings”

  1. Yesterday, my husband told me, “Hindi ko nararamdaman ang Pasko.” Hay naku! Nagalit talaga ako. Sabi ko ‘yung iba nga may cancer, namatayan, nasunugan, binagyo pero may Pasko. Kaya tama ka, sis. Good vibes lang dapat lagi. Wapakels sa mga nega, trolls at haters. 🙂

    Kailan mo kukunin ang prize mo? 🙂

  2. Totoo yan, ayoko nung mga sad face talaga at yung parang down na down palagi. Siguro kung paminsan minsan may mga moments talaga na nage- emo, pwede pagbigyan pero kung palagi naman nakakasawa diba? Kasi syempre nakakahawa yung ganun na mood e, kaya yes tayo sa good vibes para maka attract ng more blessings! =)

  3. Super nega rin ako last year, setting up a goal really helped me become optimistic. I am now also looking forward for a wonderful 2014 year. Kelangan positive vibes para more blessings next year 🙂

  4. So true. Kaya kung minsan I deactivate my FB para makaiwas sa nega vibes. Pansin ko kasi may mga tao na na-i-stress ako pag ka-chat ko. Kita mo si Marian Rivera, laging nakangiti, good vibes, parang masaya palagi.

    1. Korek, FB can be filled with nega vibes sometimes. At true din yang may mga tao na parang ipinaglihi sa stress at kapag kausap mo parang ma-sstress ka na rin. Iwas ako dyan. Ay like ko yang si Marian Rivera kaya pina-follow ko IG account nya. Haha, fangirl lang ang peg. 🙂

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