2017 Personal Theme: Gratitude

“Gratitude is the best attitude.” ~from an unknown author

Last year, my personal theme was Health + Wealth. I didn’t accomplish much in the health department but I’m glad to have made some considerable progress in the wealth area. Given that, I’m sad and happy at the same time.

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I’m quite sad because instead of achieving my target weight, I even gained unwanted pounds. 12 freaking pounds, to be exact. From 128 to 140! Yes, seriously! That’s how big I got. I brisk walked and biked but these didn’t become a regular thing so the effect was nowhere to be seen. I also ate a looooooot and it was the reason of the dramatic weight gain. Now, I’m so faaaaaaaat and I can’t do anything about it. Yet. I’m slowly trying to eat less and healthy again and hopefully, along with exercise, I’d lose some weight. No pressure, Edel. Take your sweet time.

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More Good Vibes = More Blessings

I was having a conversation with my officemate the other day and suddenly she brought up the topic of good vibes and how they seem to attract blessings. I couldn’t agree more. We went on to sharing personal experiences on how good vibes have helped us gravitate towards blessings, one after another.

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Good vibes start with good thoughts. Having good vibes promotes positivity and lightness. Have you noticed when people who have a good emotional state or exude a positive aura are together, the atmosphere around them seems to be brighter and they tend to be more productive and inspired in what they do, both individually and collectively?

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Thank You List

Living a simple life has its perks. You become more appreciative of your life. You become thankful even for the littlest blessing. When you are living simply, and uncomplicated at that, things get better and brighter and more fun. I can totally relate!

Last week, I started to list down the things that make me happy or thankful. Let’s call it my Thank You list. Writing on it doesn’t have to be everyday. What I do is I write only when I have something to write (common sense). Haha.
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New Job and First Day Stress

Just to be clear, it’s not me who’s just landed a new job but my sister. Actually, today is her first day at work. I dunno with you, but every time my siblings take on a new adventure (be it anything), I’m the one who feels the stress or anxiety or pressure or excitement or whatever feeling you could associate with it. I feel as if I were the mother. It must be because, as the eldest child, I treat my siblings as my own children.

You see, my sister lost her job (she used to work as a retail assistant for Globe) a month or so ago. One morning after that misfortune, another misfortune happened. She accidentally hit her head in the restroom and got a big bump in her forehead which prevented her from looking for a new job for weeks. When she was finally able to apply for a job, she fortunately got one fast. And I couldn’t stop thanking God for the blessing.

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Another Work Week Ends

Thank God it’s Friday! As clichĂ© as it sounds, I really like it when it’s Friday already. It means the work week ends at 5:00 pm (6:00 pm in my case!), the weekend is just several hours away, and a new adventure awaits me. The adventure could be a relaxing stay at home, a tiring but enjoyable mall trip or an impromptu road trip. Actually, it can be anything that creates happy memories and spells f-u-n.

On a different note, today is a special day in our office as it celebrates its founding anniversary. I heard there will be free packed lunch for everyone and a mass will be held this afternoon. Cool. This doesn’t happen every day so I better take advantage of it. Haha.

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Life is Good. Period.

I just love it whenever I eventually get what I wished to get and receive what I didn’t expect to receive. Life is really full of surprises, it’s just a matter of positive thinking. I especially love today’s surprise that arrived in the form of cash. Who doesn’t want cash these days, right? I will definitely welcome all blessings that would add a substantial amount to our fast-depleting wedding funds!

Speaking of our upcoming wedding, I’m just so happy that we’ve almost covered everything. We just need to talk with one more supplier and make some follow-ups with the other suppliers and we’re good to go. I’m lucky to have a fiancĂ© who’s very hands-on with our wedding preps. He inspires me to do more for the wedding and give my best in ensuring that our wedding is gonna be unique and special.

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