Thank You List

Living a simple life has its perks. You become more appreciative of your life. You become thankful even for the littlest blessing. When you are living simply, and uncomplicated at that, things get better and brighter and more fun. I can totally relate!

Last week, I started to list down the things that make me happy or thankful. Let’s call it my Thank You list. Writing on it doesn’t have to be everyday. What I do is I write only when I have something to write (common sense). Haha.

Like today, for instance. The things I’m thankful for are the following:

1. my life
2. my family
3. my husband and my marriage
4. my job
5. my friends, especially those that are really close to my heart
6. my phone (as it makes me connected to the world!)
7. the food on my table
8. the money I get to save and grow
9. zumba sessions with the girls in our office
10. regular walking activity in the neighborhood at night with my husband, sometimes with my mom and brother
11. having the time and resources to try out new restaurants
12. having the time and resources to see new local places
13. having more than enough water to drink every day
14. being able to finish my tasks at work
15. having a good boss and even better officemates
16. having the kind of life I have right now

I guess that’s all for now. Every day is a gift and I’m sure I’ll have more things to be thankful for in the coming days courtesy of my powerful, loving and ever-living God.

How about you, what’s in your Thank You list? 🙂

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