Life is Good. Period.

I just love it whenever I eventually get what I wished to get and receive what I didn’t expect to receive. Life is really full of surprises, it’s just a matter of positive thinking. I especially love today’s surprise that arrived in the form of cash. Who doesn’t want cash these days, right? I will definitely welcome all blessings that would add a substantial amount to our fast-depleting wedding funds!

Speaking of our upcoming wedding, I’m just so happy that we’ve almost covered everything. We just need to talk with one more supplier and make some follow-ups with the other suppliers and we’re good to go. I’m lucky to have a fiancé who’s very hands-on with our wedding preps. He inspires me to do more for the wedding and give my best in ensuring that our wedding is gonna be unique and special.

Today is a happy day. A happy Friday, to be exact. I’m richer by some thousands and my wedding preps are doing good. I thank God for the good turn of events. I really do. 🙂

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