Lazy Saturday

Today is one of the very few Saturdays that I managed to wake up late. I see it as a blessing because not only did my body get the rest it wanted, I was also able to cook some breakfast for me and my siblings in the apartment. Later, I’m going to the mall to pay bills and tonight, I’ll be working at the restaurant. It’s a normal day and there’s not much to do, and yet I feel truly blessed.

Right now, I’m thinking which mall to visit. I only have a few choices so deciding should be easy. Aside from the bills that need to get paid, I think I need to get myself a new pair of flats (the one I’m using is worn-out already), a new dress and perhaps some discount cds for my teacher brother who’s currently working on some VisualBasic programming for the IT workshop he’s giving next week.

Now, excuse me as I hit the shower so I could start my day right. ­čÖé

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