It’s Cramming Time!

It’s ironic how I hate the word “cramming” yet I have embraced the bad practice of cramming through the years. Back in college, I would always cram whenever exam period was fast-approaching. At work, I still cram in finishing some of my monthly tasks, albeit discreetly. Haha.

My wedding is happening very soon. I still have a few things to do and as much as I don’t want to cram, I feel like I’m cramming already. I know I should be taking my beauty rest now (I’m the bride, after all) but I can’t just do that at this point. I cannot afford to mess up on my wedding day. I’m so glad I made a wedding checklist which, so far, has been keeping me sane with all the last-minute wedding details that I need to attend to. Oh my, wait a sec, I just remember my florist told me to get some gift baskets for the styling of the reception venue.*cramming starts here*

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More Work To Do

The last few weeks (and days, if I may add!) prior to a big event are the busiest. If you have an eye for detail, you’ll agree with me that this is the period when we become more organized and alert for whatever could go wrong.

This is also the time when new and better ideas pop into our heads. As good as it sounds, it’s not always helpful especially when everything has been fully coordinated already. Unless it only requires a minor change in plan and would result in a major, fabulous impact, I don’t normally entertain these ideas.

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Wedding Guest List

If you’ll ask me what’s the hardest part of wedding planning, I’d say it’s finalizing the guest list. That is more true if you are the type of couple with lots and lots of friends. I guess the key here is balance. You have to know if you could accommodate them all or just a handful of them by looking at your resources.

In our case, the determining factor is the venue’s capacity. You see, we only had a particular number of guests in mind and we booked the venue as soon as we could. Our problem now lies in filling that particular number of people with names. Names of our guests, that is. And that’s when putting names in the guest list comes rolling.

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I Need a Wedding Checklist

It looks like I really need my own wedding checklist as my big day comes closer and closer. You know the feeling when you’re overly excited and at the same time you’re having big expectations and only giving yourself very little room for error? That’s what I’m feeling exactly right now. I feel like I’m about to do something big and yet my heart is beating louder and louder due to anxiety and nervousness. Not a nice, great feeling, I tell you. But it’s there, and I can’t help it.

That’s why a wedding checklist has to be made. It will contain all the things that the fiancĂ© and I need to accomplish. I’m just glad and thankful that so far, everything’s been doing good. We just need to make some confirmations and follow-ups and we will be okay. At least, that’s how I see it.

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Life is Good. Period.

I just love it whenever I eventually get what I wished to get and receive what I didn’t expect to receive. Life is really full of surprises, it’s just a matter of positive thinking. I especially love today’s surprise that arrived in the form of cash. Who doesn’t want cash these days, right? I will definitely welcome all blessings that would add a substantial amount to our fast-depleting wedding funds!

Speaking of our upcoming wedding, I’m just so happy that we’ve almost covered everything. We just need to talk with one more supplier and make some follow-ups with the other suppliers and we’re good to go. I’m lucky to have a fiancĂ© who’s very hands-on with our wedding preps. He inspires me to do more for the wedding and give my best in ensuring that our wedding is gonna be unique and special.

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