Wedding Guest List

If you’ll ask me what’s the hardest part of wedding planning, I’d say it’s finalizing the guest list. That is more true if you are the type of couple with lots and lots of friends. I guess the key here is balance. You have to know if you could accommodate them all or just a handful of them by looking at your resources.

In our case, the determining factor is the venue’s capacity. You see, we only had a particular number of guests in mind and we booked the venue as soon as we could. Our problem now lies in filling that particular number of people with names. Names of our guests, that is. And that’s when putting names in the guest list comes rolling.

Right now, we’re being careful not to offend any of our friends should we forget (intentionally or not!) to put their names on our wedding guest list. I know this is definitely our call, but we’re just trying to be nice about it.

I can’t believe what makes our work harder are the invited guests themselves! So far, nobody has RSVP’d to us yet. As in, nada! The wedding is happening three weeks from now. We hope and pray to get people’s response ASAP. God help us. 🙂

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