The 18-Day Challenge

This is a personal challenge that I have thrown at myself this morning. For 18 days leading to my big day, I am to monitor my food intake (making sure that I eat lesser than usual) so I could fit in my wedding gown have a more decent and desirable figure on my big day. Haha.

So yeah, starting today February 28 up to March 16, 2012, I am gonna be conscious of what I eat. I’ll also try to cut back on carbohydrates which are the building blocks of those excess and unwanted pounds. This challenge is more of a test of my self-control and though I’m not expecting too much, I will still give it my best.

God help me on this one. 🙂

2 Replies to “The 18-Day Challenge”

  1. Please spare me another day—I’ll start tomorrow! You know how I wanted to fit in my bridesmaid gown, too. Now this is not a promise, this is a statement. -quoting from my sweet lover ♥

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