My Best Friend is Now a Lawyer!

When the results of the 2011 Philippine Bar Examinations were released yesterday afternoon, I was one of the thousands, if not millions, of people who were very anxious about it. Why not if your best friend is one of the hopefuls whose lives are about to change either for the better or for worse? So, wait I did and boy, was I in for a big surprise! My best friend passed the bar exams and is now a proud lawyer!

I am very happy for and proud of my best friend Leah Abello de Guzman. Her sacrifices and hard work definitely paid off. I’m sure her family, especially her parents, are very happy for and proud of her as well. And I bet there’s gonna be a big celebration, too! I wish I could be part of it, but she’s in the province and I’m here in the city. Bummer.

Oh wait, I remember she’s going to my wedding and that’s the perfect time to congratulate her personally. I can’t wait!

P.S. To all who passed the 2011 Philippine Bar Exams, congratulations! To those who did not, think of it not as a failure but as an opportunity to do better. Your time will definitely come! 🙂

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