My Bestfriend is Now a Judge!

I have very few friends in this life but all of them are genuine. I just hate unreal people, those who smile at you when you are talking to them but say bad things about you behind your back. My friends are not like that. We may be separated by distance, but just one meeting or one conversation and we easily catch up, as if we have never been apart. This is the case with my high school bestfriend. She’s one of the very few friends I have who are for keeps.

Actually, this blog post is really about her. Itago na lang natin sya sa pangalang Leah Abello De Guzman. We became friends in high school, circa 1995. Prior to that, we had been meeting each other occasionally back in our elementary days when we would represent our respective schools during academic contests. We were quite similar as we were both skinny but brainy kids. We also both came from humble family backgrounds. But I digress.

Leah became a lawyer in March 2012 and has just reached another milestone in her career as a government lawyer. She has recently been appointed as the presiding judge of the Municipal Trial Court (MTC) of General Tiñio, our neighbor town (we are both from Peñaranda!) in Nueva Ecija. And she’s only 35 years old. Isn’t that amazing?! After working as a Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) lawyer for five years, she applied for the position, got short-listed, and eventually got chosen! I’m just so proud of her! So, so proud of her! And I know she deserves the post.

one of the photos from her oath taking (grabbed from her FB account)

They say good things happen to good people. At least, that’s what happens most of the time. This rings true to my bestfriend who’s a kind soul. She may not know it but I admire how she has carried herself all these years. From being a daughter and a sister to being a wife and a mom, she has many roles to play and yet she has been doing well in all those and more.

I just pray that God continue to bless her in this new chapter of her career in the legal profession. May she choose the path of justice and righteousness at all times. May she practice prudence and impartiality in every trial she presides over. May she help strengthen and uphold our justice system for the common good.

Congrats again, bes Leah! Keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Know that I’m just here at the sidelines cheering on you. Know that I’m just here when you need someone to talk to about anything and everything under the sun, just like in our high school days. Stay as sweet and bubbly and humble as you are. Please don’t change, ever. Love you! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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