When you have high expectations on something, the chance that you’d get disappointed is also high. Through the years, I’ve learned not to put high expectations on anything or anybody. I don’t exactly believe in “lasting first impressions.” Most of the time, the humble ones produce the best output and shine the brightest. Erhm, make that all the time.

Same thing with services. When you are paying for services, the cheap ones are usually substandard and good only for a single use. In this case, the chance to be disappointed is high as well. But I don’t want to generalize. I’ve seen and dealt with several service providers who came cheap but delivered on their promises. It’s a matter of luck, I guess. Oh and, online reviews are a good gauge when it comes to these service providers.

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Wedding Guest List

If you’ll ask me what’s the hardest part of wedding planning, I’d say it’s finalizing the guest list. That is more true if you are the type of couple with lots and lots of friends. I guess the key here is balance. You have to know if you could accommodate them all or just a handful of them by looking at your resources.

In our case, the determining factor is the venue’s capacity. You see, we only had a particular number of guests in mind and we booked the venue as soon as we could. Our problem now lies in filling that particular number of people with names. Names of our guests, that is. And that’s when putting names in the guest list comes rolling.

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Do You Make a Checklist?

I usually don’t, but when it comes to big tasks that need careful planning and attention, I do. Let’s admit it, checklists are very important to keep us focused and organized when preparing for something, say a big event or activity. We cannot afford to miss out on the important details just because we’ve forgotten about it. We have to remember them, and remembering them means having to list them all down on paper. Or in this age of technology, in our tablet or laptop.

For my wedding, I decided to make a checklist of all the things we need to do. I listed down everything both on paper and in my desktop. I like the organized look of Excel and how easy it can be edited. At the same time, I like my personal handwritten updates and corrections on paper. I dunno with you, but I don’t get confused working on both media.

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Busy, Busy

Last weekend was super busy. The fiancé and I visited our prospective principal sponsors to ask for their consent. Fortunately, they all agreed. Now we can finally have our wedding invitations made.

The days are passing by so quickly. I can already feel the pressure at this point. I just hope everything will turn out okay. We have so many things to do and we hope to beat our deadlines still standing on our two feet.

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