Do You Make a Checklist?

I usually don’t, but when it comes to big tasks that need careful planning and attention, I do. Let’s admit it, checklists are very important to keep us focused and organized when preparing for something, say a big event or activity. We cannot afford to miss out on the important details just because we’ve forgotten about it. We have to remember them, and remembering them means having to list them all down on paper. Or in this age of technology, in our tablet or laptop.

For my wedding, I decided to make a checklist of all the things we need to do. I listed down everything both on paper and in my desktop. I like the organized look of Excel and how easy it can be edited. At the same time, I like my personal handwritten updates and corrections on paper. I dunno with you, but I don’t get confused working on both media.

I never thought planning a wedding can be this time-consuming, money-draining, physically-exhausting, challenging, and exciting all at the same time. I’m just so glad and I feel a bit proud that I can be hands-on with planning my own wedding. If I had more money, I think I would still have chosen the same path. I’m still thinking though if I’m gonna hire an on-site wedding coordinator or just delegate the tasks that need to be done on the wedding itself to a family member or two.

And you, when do you make a checklist and what for? 🙂

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