Why I Got Hooked on Amaya (The Epic Series)

GMA 7’s first epic series (epicserye) Amaya has been getting positive reviews lately so I decided to find out what the fuss was all about. I started by watching the first few episodes of Amaya via uploaded videos from Pinoy24.tv. Amaya, by the way, had its pilot episode last May 30 only. What can I say? I think Amaya has a good plot and an ensemble cast. I think I’m now hooked on it.

Amaya poster

Amaya is said to be GMA 7’s biggest production ever. It is an original story by Suzette Doctolero. Directed by Mac Alejandre, Amaya is a historical fiction. It is a tale of a girl, born a princess but fate turns her into a slave, and later on becomes the most powerful woman of her time. She rises to save her people from the hands of a ruthless male ruler in Central Visayas during the pre-Spanish colonial period (early 1500s). Did you know the production is aided by the expertise of two respected UP historians to make sure everything is accurate and relevant to the depicted time? Yes, from the language spoken to the costumes worn by the actors and the props used on the set.

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ABS-CBN’s Imortal Series Now on Its Season 2

I’ve blogged about Imortal before, but I just can’t help to share about it again. That must be because things are getting more exciting with it as the days go by, shortly after the Kapamilya Network launched its second season last February 7. More secrets will be revealed and more changes will be happening. I continue to follow the show every night and so far, I’ve never been disappointed. Finally, they have turned Mateo (one of the leading characters played by John Lloyd Cruz) into a vampire! People had been anxiously waiting for that to happen, your truly included. It’s about time they did.

Imortal is actually the sequel to the Lobo Series that took the Pinoy TV viewing public by storm when it hit the primetime slot back in 2008. I also followed that show but I didn’t get as hooked. I still remember though that they had quite an interesting plot and that for the lobos, they used purebred dogs from France instead of real wolves. It was not outstanding but proved to be effective. I had to give it to the production people for the believable action scenes during the encounters between the two warring lobo clans (black and white). I heard they went as far as employing the best dog training guide to execute their action scenes as flawless as possible. And I can see they’re doing the same treatment with Imortal today, what with the nice fight scenes between the vampires and the werewolves in the series.

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Loving Imortal, ABS-CBN’s Vampire and Werewolf-Themed Fantasy Series

I used to love PCH Kristine Series but when the second book had unfolded, my appetite for it diminished. I think it’s because of 1) the disappearing act of the talented Denise Laurel playing Emerald, 2) the addition of too many characters that somehow made the plot complicated and 3) the too many bed scenes shown. I know I’m not the only one who noticed and didn’t give a nod of approval to some or all these things.

imort 2
Imortal poster which I got from here

With my reception towards PCH Kristine Series reaching an all-time low, another ABS-CBN teleserye has caught my attention. It’s vampire-werewolf themed and has a stellar cast. Two of my favorite local celebrities are in it, Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz. The war between vampires and werewolves may be old but let’s admit it, we continue to find it compelling. This is basically what Imortal, a fantasy series, is playing into. But to make it appealing to the younger generations, they injected a love story ala Romeo and Juliet and a prophecy that could change the lives of the lead characters forever.

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