Why I Got Hooked on Amaya (The Epic Series)

GMA 7’s first epic series (epicserye) Amaya has been getting positive reviews lately so I decided to find out what the fuss was all about. I started by watching the first few episodes of Amaya via uploaded videos from Pinoy24.tv. Amaya, by the way, had its pilot episode last May 30 only. What can I say? I think Amaya has a good plot and an ensemble cast. I think I’m now hooked on it.

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Amaya is said to be GMA 7’s biggest production ever. It is an original story by Suzette Doctolero. Directed by Mac Alejandre, Amaya is a historical fiction. It is a tale of a girl, born a princess but fate turns her into a slave, and later on becomes the most powerful woman of her time. She rises to save her people from the hands of a ruthless male ruler in Central Visayas during the pre-Spanish colonial period (early 1500s). Did you know the production is aided by the expertise of two respected UP historians to make sure everything is accurate and relevant to the depicted time? Yes, from the language spoken to the costumes worn by the actors and the props used on the set.

Marian Rivera’s acting as the lead character Amaya has improved, too. I can’t imagine a different actress for the role. The princess role fits her to a T. But Amaya’s role as princess is short-lived as she is to become a slave, a priestess, a warrior and a hero in the coming months. Well, she’s actually in her slave days at present. Aside from Marian Rivera, other stars in Amaya include Gardo Versoza, Gina Alajar, Sid Lucero, Mikael Daez, Rochelle Pangilinan, Glaiza de Castro, Raymund Bagatsing, Lani Mercado and Ana Capri, among others.

I think what got me hooked on Amaya was the nice storytelling. So far, the episodes I’ve watched were filled with exciting revelations and relevant twists. Another thing that sustained my interest was the fact that it is the story of our ancestors and our rich culture and traditions decades before the Spaniards came to rule over us. It is not just some Koreanovela shot in a foreign land; it is a Pinoy series narrating a story that’s close to my Pinoy heart. I just hope the writer, the director and the entire cast and production crew are able to sustain the good story and their passion for Amaya until the final episode. I dunno with you but I believe Amaya has the making of a world-class epic series. I can only hope for the best for it.

P.S. If you’re watching Amaya the epic series and following her journey to realize her destiny (and find her true love in the process), you might want to check out Amaya episode recaps and insightful commentaries over at Pinoy Drama Rewind. I accidentally came across this blog after checking out Amaya’s performance in the ratings game online.

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  1. Hi! Laya here from Pinoy Drama Rewind. Thanks for linking! ^_^

    Amaya is really getting to be addictive. It’s the Filipino counterpart of a fusion sageuk [like Return of Iljimae] and I hope it starts a new trend of Pinoy dramas that showcases our history and culture. 🙂

    1. Hi Laya! It’s my pleasure to link to your blog. I still visit your blog to check out your episode recaps even if I get to watch Amaya nightly already.

      Please continue sharing the episode recaps that not only benefit Pinoy Amaya followers like me, but also those from other countries that get to watch Amaya thru Youtube but don’t understand the story due to language barrier (the video replays have no English subtitles). 🙂

  2. I loved Amaya. I watched it daily wouhitt fail after work via the internet. This is the first time that I watch Pinoy teleserye in Canada. I got hooked that every night my husband and myself do not go to bed wouhitt watching each episode. Thanks for uploading each series. I love Marian and all the characters. All are awesome. Thanks for the great epic story. Very entertaining. Dian Lamitan stood out in all episodes. Gina has portrayed a very so real character that I hated her so much. I watched the concluding series and I am happy for the happy ending. The Magellan portion was a bit funny. I thought that Lapu-lapu will come out. Excellent, the best so far. great story, superb execution. No comparison to other teleserye. Congratulations GMA! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!PS. I was surprised why Uray Hilway was a different person in the end. I prefer the original Uray Hilway.

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