Weight Loss Update: 4 Lbs. To Go!

From 130 lbs. which is my wedding day and pre-pregnancy weight, to 167 lbs. (my biggest during pregnancy) and 147 lbs. (post-pregnancy weight), I’m now down to 122 lbs. I can’t wait to fit in my small clothes again. Soon I’ll reach my target weight of 118 lbs. and perhaps if I’ll try harder, my ideal weight of 115 (which I think suits my 5’4″ built well). It seems my “very-little-rice diet” is working for me. Haha.

There’s also something I discovered last weekend. Eating less + more movement = more burned calories. I know it’s a given. I even read about it from a fitness book before. It’s something you and I already know. But let me tell you that it becomes more real when you actually see the results.

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Do You Watch What You Eat?

The weighing scale doesn’t lie. I have really gained a lot of weight in the past three months. From 128, I now weigh 138. That’s ten big pounds! My clothes don’t fit me anymore and I have a hard time controlling what goes into my mouth. Do you watch what you eat? Is it really effective to do so especially if you want to lose weight?

I just made a food monitoring sheet of sorts. I want to document what I eat and hope that through this method, I could stop gaining more unwanted pounds. It’s not that I hate my body, it’s just that I don’t think overeating is healthy. Also, I want to lose weight naturally. If I don’t see any improvements in my weight, then I might just get the best fat burners to help me eliminate all my excesses.

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