Weekend Story: Work and Some Family Fun

Last weekend saw the hubby and me staying put in Manila. We weren’t able to go home in Bacoor because I had work half of Saturday and he joined an out-of-town bike ride on Sunday. The rest of our weekend was spent with family. My goal was to stick to my weekend budget but I ended up spending way more than it. I need to do some offsetting soon! Kaso naalala ko, birthday na pala ng angel son namin this week. The following week and the next, birthday naman namin ni hubby. More gastos coming soon pala, my gosh! Haha.

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Weekend Story: Mall of Asia + UP Diliman + Manila Ocean Park

Last weekend primarily revolved around these three places: Mall of Asia, UP Diliman, and Manila Ocean Park. The hubby and I didn’t go home in Bacoor intentionally so we could spend more time with our family and friends here in Manila. We were glad to have made such a decision because it turned out to be beneficial not just for our body but also for our soul.

Mall of Asia (MOA)

The hubby didn’t have classes in grad school so we were able to go biking in MOA on Saturday morning. His officemate Giannie joined us there, too. We had breakfast together at our fave Biker’s Cafe before going home.

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Weekend Story: Valentine’s Day 2016

How was your Valentine weekend? Was it filled with love and sweetness? Ayieeeee! As for the hubby and I, we spent it here in Manila. We biked in the morning and had a dinner date at night on February 13th. On Valentine’s Day itself, we biked some more and I worked in the restaurant at night to help ensure our guest couples there were happy and satisfied.

Below are some snapshots from our weekend:

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Friday Plans

I normally don’t make Friday plans because this is the time we go home in Bacoor. Unless of course the hubby and I have a date or a meet-up with friends. The last time I went out on a Friday night, I was with the hubby and some friends pigging out at Midnight Mercato in BGC, Taguig.

Today, being a Friday, is a bit different, though. We have visitors who flew in from Bohol (the hubby’s province) and need to be shown around the city. They are municipal councilors and they’re here to attend a conference. The PILs’ suggestion was to take them to Mall of Asia (MOA) and choose from one of the buffet restaurants (e.g. Yakimix, Buffet 101, Vikings, Sakae Sushi, Cabalen, etc.) there for dinner. After that, we could just show them the many attractions within and around the mall complex at night. Alright then, MOA it is!

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Reservation is Full

Well, that was the exact answer I got from the Spanish restaurant in Intramuros I wanted to visit tonight. I know I tried making a reservation too late but from what I gathered, they’re fully-booked until Friday night. This left me with no choice but to reserve a table for three for next week instead. But I’m still undecided on the date, might as well make the booking early next week.

Hmmm, but I really want to go out tonight because I don’t have work at the restaurant. At the very least, I think I would like to check out Robinsons Place Ermita (my fave mall back in college) or Mall of Asia to get my ice cream fix at Dairy Queen and do some shopping. My brother D has been bugging me to get him a new belt, much like those rocawear belts he saw online. (He doesn’t have time to go malling these days because he spends a lot of time reviewing for the LET.) I think I also need new shoes. I hope to get a pair. Or two. Haha.

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Pyromusical Event at Mall of Asia

We are supposed to see the 2nd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition at Mall of Asia (MOA) tonight but it seems I won’t be able to join anymore. I was told we have guests in the restaurant tonight and my services are needed. Money first before anything else. Haha.

Last year, I was able to watch the first pyromusical competition and the show was fascinating. I remember rooting for the UK team because their fireworks display were awesome to the highest level. As in. I loved their exhibition a lot I wished I had one of those steiner binoculars to be able to have a closer view of the dancing bright lights in the sky. MOA was jampacked with people then and we had quite a hard time going home because of the heavy traffic. I’m sure this year the situation hasn’t changed. But I can say it was very well worth our trip. It was my first time to see firework displays as spectacular as those.

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