Weekend Story: More Christmas Shopping with Family + TAP Christmas Party

On Friday night, the hubby and I drove to Bacoor with Mame and my sister Jodie. We did some Christmas shopping (our wallets are starting to cry already, haha) at Alabang Town Center. We also heard the anticipated mass at St. Jerome & Sta. Susana Parish beside it. Then we went to Festival Mall to do more Christmas shopping and have dinner. On Sunday, we traveled back to Manila and after dropping off Mame and Jodie at their place, we drove straight to Megatent in Pasig for the hubby’s car club’s Christmas Party. It was a fun weekend and once again, happy memories were created which are now stored in our hearts. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. That’s why I always remind myself to choose happiness all the time.

In other news, malapit na mag-Pasko!!!

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Weekend Story: A Fab Engagement Party in Manila + A Visit to Bacoor

Last weekend felt bitin (as usual) but we had lots of fun. On Saturday, I woke up to the sounds of people walking around and moving stuff. There would be an engagement party that night in the Legarda Mansion (a.k.a. where my PILs work and live). I expected the set up to be beautiful but I didn’t expect it to be breathtakingly beautiful. Like it was taken right out of the setting of Beauty and the Beast (looking forward to the upcoming movie also?) with the hanging chandeliers, the glass lanterns on the floor, the candelabras on the table, the gold Tiffany chairs, and the floral arrangements and garden vines scattered all over the place. I would find out later that it was styled by no less than Jo Claravall who creates real life wonderlands for a living.

And because one of the newly-engaged couple throwing the party was a Legarda and the hubby’s kababata, we were included in the guest list. Food was catered by Cibo. Music was provided by a harp and an orchestra. There was also a DJ during the afterparty. It was a fab and tasteful engagement party and I think all guests went home happy. The newly-engaged couple Tessa and Fred are having their church wedding in France next year. We want to be there but unfortunately, di namin afford, hahaha.

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