Weekend Story: Laundry Day Saturday and Mother’s Day Sunday

The hubby and I were supposed to go home in Bacoor as early as Friday night last weekend. I was, however, asked by Mame and my sister Jodie to accompany them to the doctor on Saturday morning. They weren’t sick, though. They just wanted to have a check-up with a dermatologist for possible treatment of facial warts.

When Saturday came, Jodie got lazy to get up early and Mame suddenly asked to cancel our lakad at the last minute. I was a bit upset because they wasted my time but when Mame told me she’d join us in Bacoor and celebrate Mother’s Day with me, my disappointment went away.

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Friday Plans

I normally don’t make Friday plans because this is the time we go home in Bacoor. Unless of course the hubby and I have a date or a meet-up with friends. The last time I went out on a Friday night, I was with the hubby and some friends pigging out at Midnight Mercato in BGC, Taguig.

Today, being a Friday, is a bit different, though. We have visitors who flew in from Bohol (the hubby’s province) and need to be shown around the city. They are municipal councilors and they’re here to attend a conference. The PILs’ suggestion was to take them to Mall of Asia (MOA) and choose from one of the buffet restaurants (e.g. Yakimix, Buffet 101, Vikings, Sakae Sushi, Cabalen, etc.) there for dinner. After that, we could just show them the many attractions within and around the mall complex at night. Alright then, MOA it is!

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