On Paying Off Cash Loans

Today is a happy day. It’s pay day and I expect to see a slight increase in my weekly salary because my last month’s pay slip says I’ve already finished paying one of my three cash loans at work. (It’s through salary deduction so I just have to look at my pay slip to check on their status.) The remaining two cash loans will be fully settled by September so that when October arrives (which is actually my birth month!), I could expect more money to finance my birthday party. Haha.

pay slip
my actual pay slip

Now, why am I writing about this? Because I waited for this day to come. That one by one, the hubby’s and my loans will be fully paid and we could have more funds to add to our emergency and retirement funds. Our financial goals are as clear as water and our determination remains strong. We just have to stick to our plan and we’re good.

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Dealing with Windfalls

This year is getting to be very good in terms of financial blessings. The first quarter alone saw the hubby and I receiving some unexpected incentives at work. Then, during the second quarter, our mid-year bonus arrived and a few more monetary benefits came after that.

Receiving windfalls (in our case, it’s usually from work and nothing else) is always a pleasure and a reason to give thanks. By giving thanks, I mean saying a short prayer of gratitude to the guy above and sharing the blessing (in whatever form or way we like) with our loved ones.

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