Weekend Story: Baby NJ’s 1st Birthday Celebration

Last weekend was super fun, memorable, and meaningful. It was baby NJ’s first birthday on Sunday, after all. As what we had planned out, we had a small party at the condo attended only by family. We brought drinks (and the whole house!) to the condo and had food delivered from various sources. We also hired a photographer (thanks again kuya Raul Mansilungan of Love Photography!) who took tons of beautiful photos of our simple celebration.

The hubby and I were exhausted after the party but we were so so happy our rainbow baby is now one. From having an infant, we now have a toddler, yay! Where has the time gone?

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Weekend Story: Birthday Preps

The days leading to baby NJ’s first birthday are starting to get busy. Last weekend was no exception. On Saturday, the hubby and I, along with my SIL Albie, went grocery shopping. Aside from buying food and other essentials, we made sure we have completed all the items (food and otherwise) we need in preparing the condo for our rainbow baby’s natal day. We decided to celebrate at the condo so it’s more spacious and well-ventilated. And so by Sunday, we went there and started cleaning it thoroughly. Para next weekend, lagay na lang kami ng decors and then party proper na.

Just like her christening last year, baby NJ’s birthday is going to be a family affair. The hubby and I have decided not to invite relative and friends anymore to be fair to all of them. Eh paano ba naman, godparents pa lang ni baby NJ, total of 52 persons na, hahaha. As much as we wanted to throw a big party, we cannot as we are limited by the IATF rules and regulations on covid-19 prevention. We also cannot risk catching the virus because we have four senior citizens and a baby in the family. So yeah, family celebration it is. The best thing about this set-up? Ang laking tipid saming mag-asawa, hehe.

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Weekend Story: Baby NJ’s First Steps

Last weekend was great. We spent most of our time at home which is the safest thing to do these days because of the pandemic. We got to go out for a quick grocery run on Saturday though because we had to replenish our food supplies and other essentials. And because baby NJ has already recovered from German measles, we made sure to spend quality time with her.

And before I forget to document it for posterity’s sake, I’m happy to report that baby NJ has finally taken her first steps!!! So proud of our baby girl that I posted on social media a short video of her doing just that! I guess she’s starting to be independent already, huhuhaha. Soon, she’ll take more confident and more steady strides on her own. And then our place will be messier, for sure, with her running all around our tiny house and throwing away/tinkering with stuff. Still, exciting times ahead!

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Weekend Story: Condo Visit + Naic Trip

Last weekend was quite hectic but still fun. On Saturday, the hubby and I went out of the house for a quick grocery run and to visit our condo to see how it fared after the typhoon (it was fine, thank you). On Sunday, we went to my parents’ house in Naic to get their Christmas tree that was being kept there. They plan to put up the said tree at their place here in Bacoor so baby NJ gets to see one this holiday season. We don’t have a Christmas tree at home (there’s just no space for it in our tiny and cluttered house!) so it’s a good thing we’re neighbors, haha. We got hungry on the road so we stopped by King Bee on our way home from Naic for some delicious Chinese food (my fave!).

The rest of the weekend was spent taking care of baby NJ who’s getting so makulit and malikot lately. She now has eight teeth (and uses them excitedly to bite my poor nipples, ouch!) and is turning 10 months old on the first week of December. Time flies, indeed!

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Weekend Story: Unli Family Time

While we always look forward to weekends (kaway-kaway sa mga weekend warriors dyan!), weekends these days for us are extra special because family members are around. The family is complete because we really try to lessen our trips outside. If before, my siblings (who are our neighbors) normally go out with friends during weekends, now they’re home. Mornings are for coffee breaks and afternoons are well, for merienda, haha. We bond over food: food that are available at home and food delivered via Food Panda or Grab Food. It’s more costly this way because we tend to include online shopping in our bonding sessions, but at least we know our chances of getting the dreaded virus is low.

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2020 Personal Theme: Life

Note: This is a back-dated post intended to keep up with my annual personal theme blogs. And because it was written late, it now sounds like an overview of the year that was.

Last 2019, my personal theme was strength. As if it was written in the stars, strength became an all-important concept in my life last year. If not for the strength I possessed in 2019 (mind, body, and soul), I would have been a failure in many departments, the most significant of which was my pregnancy. You see, I got pregnant in the second quarter of 2019 and it was not a smooth ride but thankfully, the outcome was good.

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