Weekend Story: Birthday Preps

The days leading to baby NJ’s first birthday are starting to get busy. Last weekend was no exception. On Saturday, the hubby and I, along with my SIL Albie, went grocery shopping. Aside from buying food and other essentials, we made sure we have completed all the items (food and otherwise) we need in preparing the condo for our rainbow baby’s natal day. We decided to celebrate at the condo so it’s more spacious and well-ventilated. And so by Sunday, we went there and started cleaning it thoroughly. Para next weekend, lagay na lang kami ng decors and then party proper na.

Just like her christening last year, baby NJ’s birthday is going to be a family affair. The hubby and I have decided not to invite relative and friends anymore to be fair to all of them. Eh paano ba naman, godparents pa lang ni baby NJ, total of 52 persons na, hahaha. As much as we wanted to throw a big party, we cannot as we are limited by the IATF rules and regulations on covid-19 prevention. We also cannot risk catching the virus because we have four senior citizens and a baby in the family. So yeah, family celebration it is. The best thing about this set-up? Ang laking tipid saming mag-asawa, hehe.

Here are some photos from our busy weekend:

preparing the loot bags

my in-laws setting up the master’s bedroom

putting up some party decors

after a few hours of cleaning up the condo and fixing some of the decors, pagoda na kaming mag-asawa, haha

Enjoy the rest of the week, friends! 🙂

May you choose happiness always,

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