Rainy Day Hassles

Oh how I hate rainy days! It makes me sleep longer than I should. It makes me too lazy to go to work. It makes my mood as gloomy as the weather. It makes me wanna eat more than I have eaten on normal days.

And now that I’m pregnant, the rainy day hassles continue to plague me. It’s actually worse this time. I have to be extra careful especially when I’m on the street when roads get wet and slippery. I cannot afford to slip on the pavement by accident and hurt my unborn baby unintentionally.

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Must Love Orange

I love orange, both the color and the fruit. I wear orange-colored tops even if they make me look darker than I already am. For me, orange is a vibrant color and helps brighten my mood. As with the fruit, I eat oranges not only because of its Vitamin C content but also because of its citrusy, sweet taste.


The rainy season makes me crave for oranges. Whenever I feel that I’m going to catch cold, I eat oranges to prevent it. I just can’t afford to get sick and be idle. Especially these days when I’m always swamped with work and there’s very little time for me to do the things I love: watching Korean dramas, checking out my fave blogs, marveling at the latest sportswear and stickem archery equipment, experimenting in the kitchen, reading a book and going out with the fiancee.

Do you like orange as well?

Wanted: Rain Boots

It’s rainy season once again. My beloved country has been dealing with typhoons one after another. I’ve long been used to this reality. It’s just sad that despite all this, I still come unprepared. Like when it comes to rain shoes. I only have two pairs of Crocs that I wear alternately to work when wearing office shoes becomes impossible due to heavy rains.

rain boots
Some rain boots from Chookaboot.com

Aren’t these booties too cute for words? I want a pair, at least. I have a pair of boots (my one and only pair), yes, but they’re not for the rains. While looking for rain boots online, I saw these beautiful rain boots and thought to myself, how come I don’t see them here in Manila? That, or maybe I just don’t go out enough to spot them on girls like me.

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