Rainy Day Hassles

Oh how I hate rainy days! It makes me sleep longer than I should. It makes me too lazy to go to work. It makes my mood as gloomy as the weather. It makes me wanna eat more than I have eaten on normal days.

And now that I’m pregnant, the rainy day hassles continue to plague me. It’s actually worse this time. I have to be extra careful especially when I’m on the street when roads get wet and slippery. I cannot afford to slip on the pavement by accident and hurt my unborn baby unintentionally.

That’s why I so appreciate other people’s expression of concern whenever they’d see me walking outside. They want me and the baby to be safe at all times. I’m loving the kind treatment I get from these strangers. And I would like to assure them that I will always take good care of myself for my baby’s well-being. 🙂

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