Weekend Story: Birthday + Family Reunion + Quezon Memorial Circle + Meet-Up with Friends

Last weekend was super fun. The hubby and I, along with my SIL Albie stayed overnight in Bacoor on Friday. By Saturday afternoon, we were already back in Manila. The hubby and I joined my side of the family in driving up to Antipolo to attend the 70th birthday celebration of my aunt which doubled as a family reunion for the Mabalays. The venue was the sprawling garden of her son’s new family home. Each of the nine sibling’s family was there so it was epic. Have I mentioned before my father had eight siblings? Actually, there were supposedly 10 of them but one died when he was a still a baby and currently, there are only five of them still alive and kicking.

Personally, I am grateful to the Villanueva family (the birthday celebrant’s family) for hosting the party and hopefully, there’ll be more occasions like that to happen in the future. Nothing beats being with people who are close to your heart. Even if we don’t see each other often because of distance, we get updated on social media naman and make sure to be there for each other whenever necessary. Last Saturday night was a testament that our family ties are still as strong as ever.

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Laptop Repair

When we attended the burial ceremonies for my deceased aunt in the province, I had the chance to update myself on the lives of my other cousins and I’m sure they had the same experience as mine. Until now, I am amazed by the transformations we’ve been through. I’m talking about the physical and economical changes in our lives.

One of my cousins, for instance, will soon continue her studies as a college freshman. We just got a text from her yesterday that she passed the entrance exams at STI. What good news! Now, all she needs are school supplies and one of those laptops for students (for better study habits!) and she’ll be good to go. Did I mention she’s gonna be a Jollibee scholar? Yes, that’s right. She’s been working for Jollibee as a service crew and they eventually learned that she wanted to finish her studies. Now they wanna help them in their own little way. Cool.

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We’re Engaged!

Yesterday, during our visit to his house in Cavite which is 80% constructed, my boyfriend of six years popped the question. Yes, the question that every girl wants to hear from the guy she wants to spend the rest of her life with! This time I answered with a loud YES. I said “this time” because he already proposed a few days before at the confines of their home kitchen. Back then, I answered with several NOs while smiling happily. Of course, those NOs actually meant a YES.

my e.ring
hand of an angel, ‘chos!

The boyfriend’s final proposal was impromptu and quite far from how I imagined it to be. But then I realized he’s really not the type who throws big surprises and executes them well. And though his proposal fell short of my expectations, I still love him to pieces because when I looked into his eyes while he was asking if I wanted to marry him, I saw the purity of his intentions and his overwhelming love for me.

So yeah, we’re engaged now. Both of our families were happy about the news. I believe the “pamamanhikan” is happening right after his parents’ Bohol vacation. We haven’t started planning the details of the wedding, though. Just thinking about them makes me dizzy already. But we’re very excited about it and hopefully, we could finalize things one at a time.

I’m also planning to create a wedding blog where I could share and discuss everything about our wedding, so watch out for that. 🙂

The 76th Monthsary

The boyfriend and I celebrated our 76th monthsary as couple silently yesterday. Time really flies. I never thought we’d last this long, and yet our days together are still counting. You know it when you and your lover have been together for so long already, people would start bugging you with the same question over and over again: when are you going to tie the knot? Our reply is always the same, too: soon. Haha.

Yes, we do have wedding plans already but the exact date (and everything about the wedding for that matter) are yet to be finalized. To be honest, my mind is preoccupied with a lot things right now that thinking about my own wedding is next to impossible. Good thing the boyfriend understands my situation. It must be because like me, he has a lot on his hands at present. Wedding can wait, right? I mean, it’s not like acne problems that need acne serums that work as immediate and permanent solution. Neither it is like a fancy ukay dress that you fell in love with at first sight and have to buy on the spot lest somebody will pick it up and pay for it. A wedding will definitely happen to couples that are destined to be with each other forever.

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Six Years and Counting

Yesterday was sort of a milestone for the boyfriend and me. It was our anniversary as couple. Six blissful years of being together. And counting. Ours is a relationship that have, so far, withstood the tests of deception, infidelity, boredom, fading love and other foul behaviors and actions. Yes, we are not the perfect couple but we try to be the best person for each other.

snorkeling in Boracay waters, October 2010

I’m thankful that we have gone this far and yet we are still very much in love. He makes it a point that we see each other everyday and never fails to make me laugh. I, on the other hand, have always been the supportive girlfriend. I motivate him to pursue his interests and achieve more and not settle for second best.

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Why a Man’s Voice Matter (To Women, At Least)

One thing that attracts women to men is the voice. A man’s voice does not only add a lot to his masculinity, but also to his character as a person. Men think of the same about a woman’s voice, don’t they?

As I have observed, a man’s voice can either be deep, husky, sweet, loud, boyish, sexy or cockroach-sounding (boses ipis in Pinoy slang and is a big turn-off to girls). I know it’s kind of shallow but I’d be a hypocrite if I’d tell you that I’m okay with dating a guy with a cockroach-sounding voice or another with a voice that sounds like it came from underneath the earth’s surface. Definitely, I’d go for a decent-looking guy with nice voice over a good-looking guy with terrible-sounding voice anytime.

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