Six Years and Counting

Yesterday was sort of a milestone for the boyfriend and me. It was our anniversary as couple. Six blissful years of being together. And counting. Ours is a relationship that have, so far, withstood the tests of deception, infidelity, boredom, fading love and other foul behaviors and actions. Yes, we are not the perfect couple but we try to be the best person for each other.

snorkeling in Boracay waters, October 2010

I’m thankful that we have gone this far and yet we are still very much in love. He makes it a point that we see each other everyday and never fails to make me laugh. I, on the other hand, have always been the supportive girlfriend. I motivate him to pursue his interests and achieve more and not settle for second best.

If there’s one thing that have held us together the past six years, it’s our commitment to the relationship. Exchanging thoughts by conversing everyday helped greatly, too. Hearing each other’s voices has given us the assurance that we’d always be here for each other no matter what happens.

To celebrate this momentous event, we had a lovely dinner at Old Spaghetti House, SM Manila. For desserts, we had some heavenly ice cream cakes from Bake and Churn.

Open communication is key to a lasting relationship. I know we still have a long road to walk on as a couple but our six years of being together has proven just that. Issues can be fixed and problems can be resolved if and only if someone would initiate the talk.

Not to be forgotten is the most important factor — God. I’m glad that the boyfriend is a devout Christian and he inspires me to be one, too. Between the two of us, he’s more religious. I see it as a good indication that should we become husband and wife in the future, we can fix anything because he has God to ask guidance from.

To the boyfriend: Thank you for everything and here’s to more years of being together! 🙂

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