Our Birthday Trip: Day 3 and Day 4 in Boracay

This is the second part of my first Boracay getaway with the boyfriend, our birthday trip to be exact. You can read the first part here.

If there’s one thing you’ll love about Boracay, it’s the locals. They are behind any pleasant experience you’ll get in the island. From the porters and peddlers to the by-standers on the beach, they’re all very accommodating. They will point you to the right direction if you’re lost or can’t seem to find a particular place. But of course there are still those folks who take advantage of hapless tourists, but they’re only a handful.


Our third day in Boracay was a Monday. (We were glad the weather had been behaving well since our arrival.) There were lesser people as compared to Day 1 and 2. I guess most of them have already returned to the city or moved on to their next destination. We woke up a bit late, headed up to the roofdeck for breakfast and down to the room for some wifi time.

White Beach in the morning

The night before, while walking towards Station 1, we passed by the posh Astoria Boracay. A guy from that hotel approached us and asked if we were interested in attending their launch. He said they’re serving a lunch buffet for the guests the next day at 11:00 a.m. The blogger in me couldn’t resist such an offer so we immediately said yes.

When the clock struck 10 on Day 3, we fixed ourselves up for the Astoria Launch. We were misled, though. We would learn later that the free lunch buffet was just a marketing strategy.

daytime at Astoria Boracay

After we got seated to a table overlooking the hotel’s pool, the guy who invited us had us fill up a sort of registration form. He then introduced us to one of the sales managers and invited us to partake of the buffet. When we were done eating, the sales manager whom we got introduced to a while ago came to us, led us to a corner and started her sales pitch in no time.

Apparently, Astoria Boracay was selling memberships (P.5 million for a 1-bedroom unit, P1.2 million for a 2-bedroom unit…gosh!!!) to their unassuming lunchers. Too bad for them, though. We don’t travel that often and so it’s impractical for us to invest on such things. We have other much more important priorities to put our money on. We declined the offer as fast as we could, thanked the sales manager for the free lunch and left the venue without looking back to the hotel.

For our last dinner in Boracay, we chose Guilly’s Island at Station 1. We availed of the buffet priced at P275 per head. Among the many buffets offered along White Beach, this is where you could get the most value for your money. Why? Because they have the favored seafood items as well as Pinoy, Mongolian and Italian dishes. They even have soup, salad and desserts to complete your meal. The buffet we got already included a glass of iced tea so we didn’t bother to order more drinks.

After our Guilly’s Island stop, we check out the shops at D’Mall and bought some pasalubong for our families and friends. When our eyes got tired perusing through various items one after another, we decided to walk along the shore again.When we reached the end of Station 3, we headed back to the guesthouse to rest. The boyfriend set his phone’s alarm and greeted me a happy birthday at exactly 12:00 midnight.


Our final day in Boracay, started early. At 7:00 a.m., the boyfriend and I were already up. We had our final breakfast again at the roof deck and when we’re done, we immediately went back to our room to prepare to leave. I arranged for our airport transfers along with our accommodations and so we didn’t have a hard time going to Kalibo.

We arrived at the airport three hours ahead of our departure time. We hadn’t eaten lunch yet. After getting our airplane passes, we grabbed some lunch at the nearby Miggy’s Place. It was the best decision we have made that day. The food and the ambience at Miggy’s were very comforting, at least to travelers like us. The prices were affordable, too. The boyfriend had La Paz batchoy while I had a double burger with chips. We also shared a serving of their regular, saucy spaghetti. Our tummies were very satisfied.

It had been a safe trip for us on our way back to Manila. Thank God.

Boracay is such a lovely place and I’m glad we have something like that here in the Philippines. It’s true, though, that it has become more crowded, commercialized and cluttered now. I hope the local government of Malay, Aklan do something about it before it’s too late.

And that, my friend, was how the boyfriend and I celebrated our birthdays in the beautiful island paradise of Boracay. 🙂

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  1. Hi there Edel! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for the Nov. 16 holiday proclamation and read through your other posts. Your Boracay escapade looks so much fun! If you don’t mind me asking, how much did the entire trip cost you? BF and I are planning to go there too on June 2011 for our 6th year. Hope you could give me an idea. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. 5k to 10k pocket money per head is good enough. depends on your interests, really. could be higher or lower. for airfare, get from seat sales. for hotel accom, i suggest booking with a guesthouse at station 2, more accessible and cheaper.

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