Happy Palm Sunday and the San Miguel Community Procession

We started our Sunday morning earlier than usual today. I, along with the boyfriend’s family, joined in the community procession for Palm Sunday. We walked from the plaza all the way to San Miguel Shrine (our church). We passed thru several streets and alleys on our way to the church. Each of us were holding our blessed palaspas (decorative palm fronds). We enjoyed walking while chanting out the Osana song. The community procession was actually a reenactment of a scene in the holy bible where Jesus Christ, the son of God, walked down from the Mount of Olives and were welcomed by the people.

As we passed thru the houses, people looked out their windows and joined us in the singing. It was my first time to passed thru those alleys and I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful houses nestled in there. Most of them had lovely terraces and cool home address signs. They even had plenty of potted plants outside that added aesthetic appeal to their places of residence.

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The Spiritual Eyes

Last Sunday during the morning mass in our subdivision, the lay minister who gave the sermon talked about giving and vigilance. He started by saying that we actually have two pairs of eyes. The first pair is our physical eyes; the second our spiritual eyes. (I’m sure you know the difference between the two pairs.) He expounded on how we, as human beings, choose to be blind spiritually. We only see ourselves and our needs. Oftentimes, we choose to not see the needs of the less-fortunate. We also choose to ignore the wrongdoings that surround us. We choose to protect only ourselves and because of this selfishness, many are suffering. To everything that he said, I can’t agree more.

God does not want our spiritual eyes to be blind; he wants us to help and reach out to those in need. And it doesn’t have to be just our excesses that we should share with the needy, but also those that are supposed to be for our personal consumption, for our own need. That’s where the essence of giving lies. And that’s the kind of giving and reaching out that only matters to the one above.

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The Power of Faith

There is a mass scheduled every Monday at the chapel in our office building. While the priests officiating the Monday mass vary, it’s always the same people who attend it. I was able to attend the mass today. The Chinese priest who gave the sermon talked about faith and how people should never let it get out of our system.

He gave example of a friend who had been looking for a boyfriend for a long time. She continuously prayed for it while serving God as member of the Legion of Mary and doing volunteer work on the side. One day she met her soul mate in the US during a volunteer work she was participating in. They’re going to get married in May. Her deep faith in God led her to the man of his dreams. The power of faith is really amazing and immeasurable. It applies to so many things other than finding love.

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