Shopping with my Brother

Unlike other guys, my only brother loves to shop. He even enjoys shopping with girls. Whenever we shop together, he doesn’t get bored waiting while I rummage through racks and racks of clothes. That’s because he enjoys scrutinizing items with me. And I love him to bits for that.

Just this morning, my brother texted me just to tell me that he emptied his wallet by shopping for some clothes and a new speaker. No, not the ButtKicker one that pro musicians are raving about because of its cutting-edge sound technology. That would have been way better, but I doubt he could afford it at this time. Haha. Anyhow, his new speaker is just a tiny one which he bought for his PC to replace the one he broke last, last week.

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New Job and First Day Stress

Just to be clear, it’s not me who’s just landed a new job but my sister. Actually, today is her first day at work. I dunno with you, but every time my siblings take on a new adventure (be it anything), I’m the one who feels the stress or anxiety or pressure or excitement or whatever feeling you could associate with it. I feel as if I were the mother. It must be because, as the eldest child, I treat my siblings as my own children.

You see, my sister lost her job (she used to work as a retail assistant for Globe) a month or so ago. One morning after that misfortune, another misfortune happened. She accidentally hit her head in the restroom and got a big bump in her forehead which prevented her from looking for a new job for weeks. When she was finally able to apply for a job, she fortunately got one fast. And I couldn’t stop thanking God for the blessing.

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A Job, Finally!

Remember my younger sister who’s looking for a job? She’s finally gotten one. It’s not a glamorous job that pays well, but it’s decent enough for a starter like her. We advised her to accept the job offer to gain work experience before looking for a more financially-rewarding job and she listened to us.

Now that I have two siblings working already, I guess the “breadwinner” title (which led to the creation of this blog) doesn’t suit me anymore. But I’m just so happy that finally, my siblings can now stand on their own feet and are now capable of helping provide for the needs of our family, particularly in sending our bunso (youngest sibling) to school. She’s currently a 3rd year college student and hopefully, two years from now, she’ll be just like us, working and earning a living.

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