Weekend Story: Christmas 2017

Last Christmas was celebrated at our family home in Naic, Cavite. The hubby and I joined my side of the family there for the much-awaited birthday of Jesus Christ. Our Noche Buena feast consisted of traditional fares like Pinoy spaghetti, roasted chicken (courtesy of Sr. Pedro this time for my convenience, haha), pork BBQ, puto flan, bread, fruit salad, and of course, ham and queso de bola. It was the same Christmas menu that’s always a hit with our family. Simple but delicious and oh so comforting. Burp! We also did a photo shoot which has been a family tradition ever since we celebrated Christmas in Naic five years ago (if I’m not mistaken).

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Weekend Story: Crocheting + Visit to the National Museum of the Philippines

Last weekend was relaxing and fun. The hubby and I missed going home in Bacoor due to some errands we had to do. He, for instance, had to attend his lone Saturday class in grad school. He was supposed to finish his master’s program last October but he encountered some problem with his thesis (a prototype). Now he still has to fix that and prepare for his thesis defense and hopefully, he’ll be able to graduate in March 2017. But I digress.

So yeah, we spent the entire weekend here in Manila. On Saturday, I went to Quiapo with Mame to buy some crochet supplies. I’ve finally had the time to learn crocheting with Mame as teacher. Boy, was she great! And I have to think I was a fast learner, too! Buhatan na ito ng sariling bangko, hahaha.

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Weekend Story: FIL’s Birthday Celebration + Work on a Sunday

Last weekend was spent with family and then work. My FIL celebrated his birthday (he’s now 78 and still doing good!) on Saturday and I worked in the office on Sunday.

happiest birthday, Papa Noy!

Despite the hectic sched, the hubby and I still wanted to visit our house in Bacoor and we did that by spending Saturday night there. We even tagged my brother Dan and my sister Jodie along. It was easy to invite them because they had an agenda in mind. That was to check out City of Dreams because they haven’t been there yet. No gambling involved, though, just pure sight-seeing. Haha.

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Holy Week 2014

We had a simple but fun and meaningful Holy Week break. The hubby and I were joined by my two siblings Jodie and Son at home in Bacoor. But we went to Cavite only after we finished the traditional Visita Iglesia in Manila. We visited a total of seven churches, as usual.

my energetic mom joined us during the Visita Iglesia

On Good Friday, we just stayed at home the entire morning and early afternoon. I baked a chocolate cake out of boredom and it turned out so good. We ate it after every meal until the very last slice was eaten up.

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The Last Graduate

The last remaining student in the family will be graduating soon. It’s on May 13th, to be exact. The entire family is beaming with pride. Indeed, we are proud of Jodie, our bunso who is graduating with a degree in Bachelor in Banking and Finance from a state university. We’re also glad that all four of us siblings in the family have already finished college. Our parents have finally fulfilled their dream of giving us the best gift they could give us — education.

Anyway, Jodie’s journey to graduation wasn’t an easy one. For one, she was a working student (though it wasn’t forced on her). She really made use of her time wisely so she could earn money while studying. Her patience and faith were also tested during her final semester where she had to complete her graduation requirements before getting into the list of candidates for graduation. She was lacking her form 137-a, of all documents! I didn’t know what happened there but it must be the result of some kind of negligence from either the university, the high school or my sister herself.

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Shopping with my Brother

Unlike other guys, my only brother loves to shop. He even enjoys shopping with girls. Whenever we shop together, he doesn’t get bored waiting while I rummage through racks and racks of clothes. That’s because he enjoys scrutinizing items with me. And I love him to bits for that.

Just this morning, my brother texted me just to tell me that he emptied his wallet by shopping for some clothes and a new speaker. No, not the ButtKicker one that pro musicians are raving about because of its cutting-edge sound technology. That would have been way better, but I doubt he could afford it at this time. Haha. Anyhow, his new speaker is just a tiny one which he bought for his PC to replace the one he broke last, last week.

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