Shopping with my Brother

Unlike other guys, my only brother loves to shop. He even enjoys shopping with girls. Whenever we shop together, he doesn’t get bored waiting while I rummage through racks and racks of clothes. That’s because he enjoys scrutinizing items with me. And I love him to bits for that.

Just this morning, my brother texted me just to tell me that he emptied his wallet by shopping for some clothes and a new speaker. No, not the ButtKicker one that pro musicians are raving about because of its cutting-edge sound technology. That would have been way better, but I doubt he could afford it at this time. Haha. Anyhow, his new speaker is just a tiny one which he bought for his PC to replace the one he broke last, last week.

Shopping with my brother is always fun. I can always ask his opinion if a top I just tried on looks good on me or not. I can always ask him to carry my shopping bags without complaint. I can always ask him to join me for a shopping trip, provided I will treat him for lunch or dinner after. Haha. I’m just glad I have a brother like him who enjoys shopping as much as I do.

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