Stress and Priorities

They say, the simpler your life, the better. I super agree to this, more so if you lead a simple and stress-free life. I know I live a simple life, but stress-free? I think on most days, yes, but there are days when I can’t help getting stressed-out. Or maybe, I just feel exhausted and misinterpret it as stress? Haha.

But I realized stress is manageable. One of the factors that aggravate stress is the lack of organization. This is where priorities come into view. By knowing how to manage my priorities well, I can also control my stress levels. How cool is that?

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The Golden Rule

Do not do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you. This is such an easy rule to understand, but it’s very hard to obey and live by. In my thirty years of existence on earth, I have come to realize that the golden rule is a tough rule. I have obeyed and disobeyed it countless times. It’s a shame I can still talk about it.

I dunno with you, but I still believe in this rule. I still think it’s doable. I still think that if more people get to practice this rule, the world will be a better place. Less chaos, less hatred, less injustice, less prejudice. More order, more love, more justice and more understanding.

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#001: 10 Things to Be Thankful for Last Week

With the busy life that I lead, I know I tend to forget appreciating the blessings coming my way. I also tend to forget thanking the one above for each and every little grace I receive. Okay, I guess I’m starting to feel guilty now. To appease my inner (and kinder) self, I have decided to blog about the 10 things I should be thankful for last week. Yes, last week and not this week because it isn’t over yet. Last week as the time period to be considered is safer because I can definitely enumerate the things that made me happy in that week, though it’s gonna be in no particular order.

I hope this becomes a weekly thing for this blog. Just like what I’ve been seeing in some other blogs I’ve been blog hopping on. I won’t promise though lest I fail myself. Without further a do, here they are:

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