Traveling on a Budget

When I officially assumed the role of wife in our marriage, travel planning was one of the tasks I assigned to myself, with the hubby’s consent, of course. Actually, I’m the one looking into every single thing that involves money in our household. Traveling requires a certain amount of money, and so I have always been the one allotting a budget for it. This set up has been working out just fine for us, so far.

Ever since our wedding in 2012, our travels have been confined within the country. We have not traveled abroad as a married couple yet. (When we were still bf-gf, we got to travel to Singapore and Malaysia together.) Of course, we have plans to see more foreign countries in the future. One of our dream destinations is Japan. We have some friends based there and they’re more than willing to accommodate us during our stay there. I even have a cousin who has been working and living there with her family since the early 2000s and she’s long been bugging me to come over. Right now, we’re still saving up money for it and we don’t have any concrete plans yet.

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More Travels, Please

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling things to do. Not only does it allow you to see new places and meet new people, but it also broadens your perspective on just about everything. Did I mention it’s kind of liberating, too? Whenever I travel, I feel so free. It’s like I can do anything (so long as it’s legal!) without worry.

Traveling is a serious matter for me. I know that once ruined, the memories attached to a travel will be etched in the heart forever. The mistakes committed can never be undone. It’s not like shopping where you could return defective items, say a dress with a missing button or a bumbleride indie stroller without wheels. Traveling is something that has to be taken seriously.

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Pocket Money

As far as traveling is concerned, pocket money is very important. For this particular travel, I made sure to save up money prior to our departure date. I can’t say I have lots of money in my pocket right now, but I’m pretty sure I can last here until our return to Manila without getting hungry.

Now, if we are putting shopping into the picture, I think I can only afford a few things. No, I don’t have plans to buy designer bags, Black diamond earrings nor any kind of luxury items here. I just want to buy some pasalubongs to take home to my family and friends. Haha.

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What to Do in Infanta and Real, Quezon

This weekend, I am joining the fiancee and some friends for an out-of-town trip. We’re traveling by land using our own vehicles to visit the laidback towns of Infanta and Real, Quezon. We don’t have any itinerary to follow; I supposed it’s as good as saying “anything goes.” I don’t know of any cool things to do in these two places. All I know is that while there’s not much to see in Infanta, Real is home to some nice beaches. This sounds exciting to me. I can afford to be unfamiliar to a place so long as I’m with people who know it like the back of their hands because they were born and raised there. Haha.

I already packed my things last night and I’m ready to go. Do I sound excited? I really am. This is my first summer trip, after all. No amount of home baths, complete with good-smelling lotions and invigorating bath salts, can equal a seawater bath. Haha. It sucks, I know. This is what happens when you’re preparing for something bigger and better. You channel all your energies and resources into it and forget about all else. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time now, you must be well-aware of my upcoming first international travel. If you’re new here, find out all about it in October na lang. 🙂

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Goal No. 4: Travel to 10 Local Destinations

If there’s one thing the boyfriend and I have in common, it’s our love for travel. Actually, it’s not just that. We both love to visit new places, try new things and meeting new people. Once he said to me that when we have settled down (ehem), we’ll spend the first two years of our marriage sans kids. Instead of finding me pregnant with our first born and he working his ass off to save money for my delivery, we’ll go to as many places we’d love to visit. I doubt if it’s still gonna be the case by then especially now that our parents are already convincing us to get married soon and produce their first grandchild right after.

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