What to Do in Infanta and Real, Quezon

This weekend, I am joining the fiancee and some friends for an out-of-town trip. We’re traveling by land using our own vehicles to visit the laidback towns of Infanta and Real, Quezon. We don’t have any itinerary to follow; I supposed it’s as good as saying “anything goes.” I don’t know of any cool things to do in these two places. All I know is that while there’s not much to see in Infanta, Real is home to some nice beaches. This sounds exciting to me. I can afford to be unfamiliar to a place so long as I’m with people who know it like the back of their hands because they were born and raised there. Haha.

I already packed my things last night and I’m ready to go. Do I sound excited? I really am. This is my first summer trip, after all. No amount of home baths, complete with good-smelling lotions and invigorating bath salts, can equal a seawater bath. Haha. It sucks, I know. This is what happens when you’re preparing for something bigger and better. You channel all your energies and resources into it and forget about all else. If you’ve been reading this blog for some time now, you must be well-aware of my upcoming first international travel. If you’re new here, find out all about it in October na lang. 🙂

Anyone knows of some cool/fun/awesome/delightful/pleasurable/crazy/lovely things to do in Infanta and Real, Quezon? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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