Weekend Story: More Quality Time with Family At Home and Outside

The recent long weekend gave the hubby and I ample time to bond with our family in our Bacoor home and outside. What a great way to end November, I’d say. Hello, December! I know you’re gonna be merry and bright.

On Saturday afternoon, I accompanied my brother to the mall to buy a new cabinet for his clothes before meeting Mame and my cousin Jun at my siblings’ place. The three of us were then picked up by the hubby so we could hear the anticipated mass before driving home in Bacoor.

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Weekend Love

I have always loved weekends. It’s the time when I can do so much without really trying. Or do nothing at all. It’s also the time when I can get as much rest as I want without worrying about work. Oh, what bliss weekends bring!

This weekend, in our home, is starting the way I liked it. I woke up late (the hubby always wakes up earlier than I do!) and thought I had the best sleep in days. I made breakfast for the two of us and watched a little TV after. Right now, I’m actually on the verge of taking a nap. Haha.

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