New Tasks at Work

When you are given new tasks at work, it means people view you as a trustworthy and efficient worker. With or without promotion, getting new tasks is a challenge that needs to be faced with open mind and positive attitude.

I’ve recently been given new tasks by our boss and I think I’m managing it quite well. While promotion is a far-fetched idea for me (what with the system we have at work where high positions are limited and the senior workers get the upper hand on them), I took it as an opportunity to show how qualified I am for the job.

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When you have high expectations on something, the chance that you’d get disappointed is also high. Through the years, I’ve learned not to put high expectations on anything or anybody. I don’t exactly believe in “lasting first impressions.” Most of the time, the humble ones produce the best output and shine the brightest. Erhm, make that all the time.

Same thing with services. When you are paying for services, the cheap ones are usually substandard and good only for a single use. In this case, the chance to be disappointed is high as well. But I don’t want to generalize. I’ve seen and dealt with several service providers who came cheap but delivered on their promises. It’s a matter of luck, I guess. Oh and, online reviews are a good gauge when it comes to these service providers.

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The Working Weekend That Passed

Last weekend was exhausting. Instead of taking some rest, I spent my Saturday and Sunday working in the office. This was all because of the 113th Philippine Independence Day. I was not complaining, though. It happens only once a year and for good reasons. We always want to remember the gallantry of our ancestors and thank them for the freedom we are enjoying today, don’t we?

I’m glad that our efforts paid off. The two events we organized for the historic 12th of June were a success. After all the hard work came the time to rest. As for me, I’m currently enjoying my two days off (today and tomorrow) and I’m making sure to spend them wisely. Actually, just this morning, I got my mom and myself visit a skin clinic to have our warts removed (will make a separate post for this soon). I also plan to update my blogs and do more freelance work (I just finished researching the benefits of malibu rehab treatment as compared to a local one a while ago) tomorrow.

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