New Tasks at Work

When you are given new tasks at work, it means people view you as a trustworthy and efficient worker. With or without promotion, getting new tasks is a challenge that needs to be faced with open mind and positive attitude.

I’ve recently been given new tasks by our boss and I think I’m managing it quite well. While promotion is a far-fetched idea for me (what with the system we have at work where high positions are limited and the senior workers get the upper hand on them), I took it as an opportunity to show how qualified I am for the job.

Actually, I prayed for this to happen. That I be given new tasks so I could show how efficient I am as a worker. I used to feel that I have less work than what my officemates have, that’s why. Not to boast, but I think I’m a fast-learner and I have this thing for learning new stuff and getting things done promptly and efficiently. I really love the feeling of gaining new wisdom. I also get a high whenever I get to do things better than the last time, if you know what I mean.

But I must admit, I also get lazy sometimes. At home, at work, with how I run my life. When I’m at my laziest, I enjoy every moment of it. As crazy as it may seem, I really do. And then I get up on my feet and do things. It’s a cycle and I think I’m perfectly fine with the setup. And yeah, there’s still no harm done yet as far as my personal and professional life is concerned. 🙂

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