Blame Me Not

When you’re swamped with work and things suddenly get out of control, you solve the problem right away and fix whatever could be fixed. You don’t blame other people for your failure. Why does it have to be somebody else’s fault ALL THE TIME when it’s your job and your responsibility we’re talking about in the first place?

I’m not referring to somebody at my workplace, just to be clear. Haha. I’m just talking about real life scenarios wherein some people forget that they are accountable for their actions. And that every problem has a solution, no matter how big it is. You just have to accept the fact that there is a problem and then do something to solve it.

Just like when you want to finish your tasks faster but you have a very slow PC, you look up troubleshooting tips online to know how to make computer faster, or better yet, get help from your IT department. You get the point.

When you have a problem, blame other people not. Unless, it’s these very people your actual problem. 🙂

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