The Spiritual Eyes

Last Sunday during the morning mass in our subdivision, the lay minister who gave the sermon talked about giving and vigilance. He started by saying that we actually have two pairs of eyes. The first pair is our physical eyes; the second our spiritual eyes. (I’m sure you know the difference between the two pairs.) He expounded on how we, as human beings, choose to be blind spiritually. We only see ourselves and our needs. Oftentimes, we choose to not see the needs of the less-fortunate. We also choose to ignore the wrongdoings that surround us. We choose to protect only ourselves and because of this selfishness, many are suffering. To everything that he said, I can’t agree more.

God does not want our spiritual eyes to be blind; he wants us to help and reach out to those in need. And it doesn’t have to be just our excesses that we should share with the needy, but also those that are supposed to be for our personal consumption, for our own need. That’s where the essence of giving lies. And that’s the kind of giving and reaching out that only matters to the one above.

God does not want our spiritual eyes to be blind; he wants us to be morally upright and vigilant. When you see something wrong that’s being committed (e.g. crime, harassment, corruption, etc.) in your surroundings, condemn it and inform the appropriate authority at once. I know this one is hard to do because there could be consequences. It could even put our life in danger. I’ll be a hypocrite if I’d say I can do this. I know I can but there will always be limits. I have to weigh things first before taking any risks. But this I can confidently say, if it’s my reputation put on the line, or those of my family, I’ll do whatever it takes to fight back. So long as we’re on the ‘right’ side, I know God will be with us and lead us to victory.

Any thoughts on the topic above?

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