Loving Kenny Roger’s Frozen Yoghurt

My love affair with frozen yogurt or fro-yo started after I had learned of its healthy goodness. Not only does yogurt taste good, it’s also low in fat (some yogurt shops sell non-fat, too), rich in nutrients and has the digestive benefits of probiotics. I love that it’s a great replacement alternative to ice cream and available any time of the day, what with the mushrooming of yogurt shops here in Manila in the last two years.


But, did you know that yogurts are not only confined to yogurt shops or the supermarket? Now even restaurants have them on their menu. Take Kenny Roger’s Roasters, for instance. This quick-service, casual dining restaurant that serves deliciously healthy American favorites, now offers Frozen Yoghurt. Yes, that’s yogurt with an “H.” I had a taste of it during a recent bloggers’ night at Kenny Roger’s Katipunan and since then, I have been hooked.

Kenny Roger’s Frozen Yoghurt tastes great and is addicting. I love that it’s easy on the palate, very light and creamy. One spoonful and you get to taste its delicately sour flavor first. Then, it is followed by a milky-sweet goodness that gives off a creamy and sweet aftertastes in the mouth. My mouth is starting to water as I type this post. Haha. Enough said.

By the way, it’s also super affordable than other fro-yos I have grown to like in the past. A small cup of Kenny Roger’s Frozen Yoghurt is just P35 and the big one is just 20 bucks higher at P55. Toppings of mixed fruits, mango, brownies and graham crackers are sold separately at P10 each.

With Kenny Roger’s Frozen Yoghurt available at all Kenny Roger’s branches nationwide, now I don’t have to spend more just to fulfill my fro-yo cravings.

Have you tried Kenny Roger’s Forzen Yoghurt yet? What’s your first impression?

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2 Replies to “Loving Kenny Roger’s Frozen Yoghurt”

  1. This is making me crave for non-fat frozen yogurt aka the only way I take my froyo. I was doing Insanity last year and (IF I RECALL CORRECTLY) in the nutrition handbook that came with the workout, regular frozen yogurt was in the same tier as ice cream. I haven’t tried Kenny’s yet!

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